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Visa & Immigration to Bhutan

On the 24th of June 2022, the National assembly passed the Tourism Levy Bill of 2022. With this new act, the sustainable development fee (SDF) of 65 USD per night has now been increased to 200 USD per night. Along with the increase in the SDF the minimum daily package rate (MDPR) has been removed as well.

Tourism Policy til 2022
Previously visitors to Bhutan were subject to an MDPR of 250 USD per person per night, out of which 65 USD went to the government as the SDF. With the new bill being passed, tourists visiting Bhutan will have to pay 200 USD per person per night and they will also have to pay separately for accommodation, meals, transport, and guides. This act is the latest tourism bill that has been passed after the Tourism Levy Bill of 2020, as per the Tourism Levy Act of Bhutan 2020. Get in touch with our Bhutan Travel specialist at [email protected] to book a trip with Druk Asia.

Long Stay Incentives (til Dec 2024)
To allow travellers to have a deeper connection with Bhutan and better understand her culture, the government of Bhutan decided to roll out a long stay incentive. Visitors staying more than 4 nights will get tier discount on their SDF waiver.

– 4 + 4: Pay the SDF of USD 200 per night, per person, for four nights, and receive up to four additional nights without the daily levy.
– 7 + 7: Pay the SDF of USD 200 per night, per person, for seven nights, and receive up to seven additional nights without the daily levy.
– 12 + 18: Pay the SDF USD 200 per night per person, for twelve nights, and receive up to eighteen nights without the daily levy.

This long stay incentives will only be valid til 31st Dec 2024

Bhutan Visa Requirements

  • - All Visitors will need a visa to enter Bhutan, except for visitors from India, who will require a permit.
  • - Nationals of Bangladesh and the Maldives shall be eligible for a visa on arrival at the port of entry.
  • - Visitors can process a visa or permit online from the website of the Department of Immigration. Visitors can also engage tourism service providers (such as Druk Asia) to process travel documents and plan a trip.
  • - A passport copy is required. The passport must be valid for six months from the intended date of departure from the Kingdom.
  • - Travel Insurance is valid for the duration of the trip.
  • - A recent passport-size photograph.

Children below the age of 5 years are exempted from the SDF. However, the visa application fee of USD 50 is still applicable. For Children between 5 years and below 12 years old, they are required to pay USD 100 per person per night as the SDF. *SDF does not include accommodation, meals, transport and guides.

Plant a tree in Bhutan
Visitors will have an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to Bhutan’s progress and offset their carbon footprint. Each visitor to Bhutan will be offered a sapling to plant towards Bhutan’s goal of one million new trees, and maintain the kingdom’s carbon-negative status and exceptional forest cover.

Tree saplings will be provided to guests who wish to plant them during their stay in Bhutan, before being maintained by Bhutan’s De-suung national service project.

Check detailed information here

*After the SDF incentive ends on 31st Dec 2024, the standard SDF will apply.
**These temporary offers may be retracted or extended at any time.